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March 27th All Class Cattle Sale

Montana Ranchers to Support USCA Truthful Beef Labeling

The United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) efforts on truthful beef labeling will be supported this month with multiple fundraising events being organized by producers across the state on Montana.

Earlier this year, USCA filed a petition for rulemaking to the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to define the terms “beef” and “meat” as used by alternative protein sources. These plant-based and lab-created products are using the terms “beef” and “meat” on their products, a highly misleading and incorrect use of those terms.  USCA’s petition requests USDA FSIS to limit the use of the terms “beef” and “meat” to products only derived from traditionally-raised livestock. 

USCA is member-driven and member-funded. These fundraising events will raise money to continue our efforts to ensure truthful, transparent, and honest labeling on U.S. beef products.  

“I am so excited to see USCA taking action on strengthening the definition of 'Meat' and 'Beef,'' Maggie Nutter, USCA Director and Sweetgrass Hills rancher, said. "The Petition to the Food Safety Inspection Service is the first step to ensuring the any product labeled beef, really IS beef.  Now it is up to ranchers, consumers and agriculture organizations to take the time to send comments to the FSIS in support of the petition."

"I was actually surprised by the push back from activist organizations that would like to eliminate all animal food production," Nutter continued. "Ranchers and Farmers work well together and we are not trying to restrict the production of any of these alternative proteins. What we are trying to do is ensure when you hear, ‘Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner’ that you know it came from a cow that was raised and harvested in the traditional manner."

“As cattle producers, we know that there is more to beef than just the great flavor," Trina Jo Bradley, North Country CattleWomen President and Valier area rancher, said. "There are huge nutritional benefits when you make it part of your family’s diet.  Beef is naturally packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. Also, there is very little processing done to beef; alternative proteins that are plant or insect based undergo a lot of chemical and mechanical processes to become that burger-like patty."

"When your family has been involved in ranching for generations and you help care for the cattle and watch them graze, the idea of something as good or natural being grown in a laboratory is hard to swallow,” she continued. "The process of manufacturing fake 'beef' undermines every effort that cattle producers have put into raising quality food for the last hundred years."


“The Marias River Livestock Association is proud to support the United States Cattlemen's Association on filing a petition to the USDA's Food Safety Inspection Service pertaining to the labeling of alternative proteins," Bob Thompson, Marias River Livestock Association President and Whitlash area rancher, said. "The USCA's efforts for 'truthful and transparent labeling' are such an important issue for the consumer and the producer alike. My family is also proud to support the cause through the donation of a steer for auction. We as cattle producers need to be strong in supporting the organizations that fight for cow-calf operations."

“I’m not much of a speaker or writer, so giving a steer for the roll-over-auction is my way of supporting the ranching industry," Kelly Mothershead, Sweetgrass area rancher, said. "It’s hard to get to meetings and even if I do, I’m not one to stand up and talk.  I'd rather support organizations like USCA and ensure they are out there making noise for us. I’ll pay my dues and let Jess Peterson (USCA Senior Policy Analyst) do the talking.” 

“It is important to add, that we are extremely thankful to the ranchers who donate and the auction markets that support this cause.  This should be a very unifying issue for beef cattle producers and livestock organizations. I hope everyone can find a way to support this campaign ” states Nutter.

If you can't get to the auction but would still like to give the USCA monetary support, please mail your contribution to United States Cattlemen's Association, 653 Constitution Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20002, or visit online at www.uscattlemen.org.

For more information, contact Maggie Nutter, USCA Director, at (406) 937-2751.

April 3rd All Class Cattle Sale

April 6th Friday Brevig Charolais Bull Sale


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April 10th All Class Cattle Sale

April 17th All Class Cattle Sale


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